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Ephemeral Corporeality. Modern Art Symbolism - New Media Painting, printed on canvas, signed and numbered

  • Product Code: 0332
Size, cm 80х60
Orientation Horizontal
Main color Blue
Complementary colors Gray
Style Symbolism
Technique of execution New Media. Print on canvas
Material UV-print. Canvas
Peculiarities Digital painting by Cairyna
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Package includes:
  • painting on canvas
  • plastic hard case (tube) or cardboard packaging
  • certificate of authenticity signed by the artist
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  • the artist's signature on the back of the canvas
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How fleeting is physicality... Sooner or later, I would disappear, and the memories of me would disappear. It's like a big eraser walks through the city, down my street, past the candy store I love. He would turn the corner I knew, go into my entrance, go up to the floor in the elevator, press the doorbell... My grandchildren, my great-grandchildren, people I don't know... And that big eraser will enter my apartment, begin to wipe away the last traces of my life..., remove me from my yellowed photographs..., rearrange my personal belongings in a different order... And after.... I don't know what comes after. But I think the mutability and ephemerality of existence is inherent not only in things, but also in living things. As long as we are remembered, we are alive. We are alive as long as we are remembered... 

80*60cm. New Media, 2022. Modern Art Symbolism.

A series of three paintings titled "Ephemeral Corporeality".

Interior photos are for example.
Print on canvas 1/5 copies.
No framing.
Painting in the style of Art Symbolism.

Signature of the artist Cairyna and Certificate

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