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Online art gallery by artist Cairyna


Hello, my dear friends, - art lovers!

My name is Iryna Calinicenco (Cairyna) and I'm an artist from Moldova, Chisinau. 

I am pleased to welcome you to my virtual ART Gallery - store, which contains the best artworks created by me during the past 12 years. More than 1,000 unique paintings! Here you can buy very unusual wall art for the interior.

This collection is regularly updated and at any time you can see exactly "your" novelty and buy interior paintings and limited edition prints in the gallery - store Cairyna Art.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with interior designers, my catalog contains paintings of different styles. They fit perfectly into any interior: from classic to modern avant-garde. Artworks by Cairyna travel all over the world, giving pleasure to collectors and connoisseurs of art. If you want to buy author's artworks, originals or posters (high-quality limited edition print) - I will help you!





Abstract gallery paintings by artist Cairyna (Iryna Calinicenco) 
and contemporary art galleries


Well-known international and European contemporary art galleries increasingly offer an online art - buying service. I have also chosen to work in this format in order to keep abreast of global art trends.
The world of art lives, breath and constantly change. Styles, genres, techniques of painting are mixed. Paintings are multifaceted, with many directions and trends. A real professional artist puts a part of himself into his artworks, sometimes changing the rules of the game so much that it's hard to distinguish impressionism from expressionism or modernism from neo-classicism.

One popular and original style is abstractionism. It is a style, born in the early 20th century, that rejects realistic reproduction of the world around: no proportions and no real objects. Such famous artists as Kandinsky, K. Malevich, A. Rodchenko, F. Kupka and others created in the style of abstractionism.

Modern abstract artists have a richer arsenal of possibilities for creativity. We are now using the achievements of technical and digital progress. But like our predecessors we transform simple and complex forms, freely playing with color, depicting and combining different objects in order to provoke certain emotions in the viewer. Ignoring all norms and rules, we try to inspire the viewer with an abstract associative series, so often each person has his own impression of what he sees.





Within the art of abstractionism, there are many conventional directions:

  • Cubism
  • Lucism
  • Suprematism
  • Neoplasticism
  • Abstract expressionism
  • Abstract impressionism
  • Op Art paintings, etc.





Direction and style of artworks by Calinicenco Iryna (Cairyna)


Being an artist by nature and vocation, I am constantly experimenting, but I really like to work in the genre of New Media Art and mixing different techniques (Mixed Media Art). This trend is timeless, it has a cyclical process of development and is constantly transforming with the arrival of new technologies. That's why New Media Art will always be relevant and in demand. The cost of my abstract artworks is constantly growing, but in the online gallery CairynaArt you can buy the author's reproductions of interior paintings at a low cost. And I've recently started doing NFT (NFT-art)! 





In the online gallery of Cairyna Art you can buy in several sections:


  • modern abstractions
  • animal paintings
  • abstract landscapes
  • Loft and steampunk paintings
  • artworks with erotic themes
  • humorous sketches and funny art
  • ethnic - abstract paintings
  • colorful paintings
  • minimalist abstract artworks




How to buy modern abstract paintings by artist Cairyna?


To buy big canvas painting and to get oriented in the sections of the online store CairynaArt Gallery - use the filter: go to the category you want and choose with your heart. All prices of paintings are listed. Most of my artworks are sold as reproductions (canvas prints), which are printed on real 100% cotton canvas in a limited edition printing process. When you order from the gallery, you are not only buying an artwork, but also a document. Each reproduction is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed in the hand of the artist Cairyna, indicating the serial number of the print - click the BUY button!

I personally supervise the printing of each copy. Then I sign each artwork by hand on the back of the canvas, attach a certificate of authenticity, affix the number of the copy, carefully packed in a sturdy plastic tube and send to your address in any country in the world. 

Some of my artworks are acrylic, which are original paintings on canvas with stretcher. You can see them also in a separate section and buy them with delivery.





Where to buy paintings by the artist Cairyna?

You can buy an artwork by the free artist Cairyna in Chisinau with delivery throughout Moldova, Europe, the United States and other countries around the world - by mail. Buy a painting online and a delivery service will bring it to you. Place an order on the site and write your delivery address. Place an order on the website and write your delivery address.

U.S. customs regulations allow you to receive wall art in the mail without paying additional fees. European countries have strict customs limits on import of paintings. Pay attention to your country's laws and customs limits. Moldavian paintings are great for traveling to the United States, Canada, European countries or even Australia


The meaning of the artist's signature on artwork

Contemporary art is not just a picture on the wall for decoration. Every painting and every print by Cairyna is signed on the back of the canvas. It is the artist's signature that gives value to the artwork. At your request, I can sign the painting anywhere on the canvas or make a welcoming inscription if you are buying the art as a gift. Artworks from Cairyna Art Gallery are accompanied by documents - a certificate of authenticity, also with the artist's signature. 


Advantages of buying abstract paintings on canvas at Cairyna Art - store


You can buy an original painting or an author's limited edition prints for the interior in Art Exhibit online store CairynaArt. I offer a fair and honest price, as I do not use the services of intermediaries and third-party galleries. Buying online directly from a contemporary artist has several advantages - it's fast and inexpensive, the choice takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, and there is always the opportunity to ask the author a question.

If you want to buy large art paintings online, or prints of non-standard size, contact me in messenger, and we will discuss the details of your order. 


There are comfortable ways of payment on the site CairynaArt Gallery - 

Pay for your order is very simple, fast and secure. Choose the payment method that is most convenient for you. If you can not find a convenient way to pay - please contact me in messenger. We will discuss the terms individually.

I believe that the reputation of the artist should be in first place. Therefore, I am responsible for the quality of my paintings and author's reproductions (copies), as well as provide guarantees of honest cooperation.




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Information about me (Calinicenco Iryna), both as an artist and as a person, can be found here  - About the artist Cairyna.

Store reviews are a very important section. And reviews for each individual painting you can find on the page of the artwork itself. Please share your experience of buying your art from me, it will help make the service better. Please leave your feedback, both good and not so good). This will help improve CairynaArt Gallery store-service in the future. Thank you!

Anything related to data privacy in the store - please read the "Privacy Policy" section.

Also, at the bottom of the website you will find "Questions and Answers". There I will try to fill the site with all sorts of useful information for you. Articles on the topics of art, modern interior design - in the "Blog" section - for those who have begun to explore the question of choosing a modern artwork for the interior by artist Cairyna.

And the "Behind the Scenes" section will help you understand me a little better as an artist. No retouching or staged Instagram shots - just the real life of European artist from Moldova.

The rest, but no less important (contacts, how to buy, promotions and offers, WARRANTIES)  are also at the top of the site cap.

Find your country in the list of countries for international delivery of paintings and specify the possibility of buying an artwork before ordering - in the "Delivery regions" section.




As for the arts themselves, they are mostly abstract. To learn to understand or at least accept abstract paintings, try to look at the paintings not with your eyes, but with your heart before buying. Use your imagination, your senses, your emotions, your memories. You might even be able to smell the rain on the pavement when you see a gray abstract artwork by Cairyna. Nothing is impossible. Allow art to resonate with your inner state. A little practice and everything will work out. I believe in you! Come to my ART - GALLERY SHOP it will be interesting!

With respect and great appreciation,
Iryna Calinicenco (Cairyna)
Store - CairynaArt Gallery,