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The designer recommends!

Interior designer advice for choosing painting.

1. Select the place in your house or apartment. Consider art lighting for paintings (the best lighting option is natural daylight, but not direct sunlight, which can make the painting lose its brightness).



2. Listen to your heart telling you what you like and what you dislike. At this point, put aside home decor and let the painting itself tell you whether you like it or not. You will spend probably a lot of time dissuading yourself from something, but at the end you will return to that excitement you had the first time you saw the painting. Your instinct never lies, listen to your inner voice. This is the only thing you can rely on in life. If it feels right, it’s right.



3. Color is one of the main features that we notice in any interior. It will stimulate certain emotions, feelings or memories. Not mine, not your neighbor's, but only yours, personal. It is color combinations that make us love or hate artistic masterpieces.

Some art color combinations can work very well, while others can be a little tricky. First, decide what colors you like and write them down. Don’t look at lounge furniture or decor: pillows, napkins and little things can be easily replaced.



4. Forms. It is very important how the artwork looks from different distances. Small intricate details are suitable for a painting that is going to be next to you, at eye level.

But you can choose a bolder and simpler composition, large shapes, if the room space is large and the viewing distance is remote.



For decoration of halls, playgrounds and large outdoor seating areas, it is better to choose a painting with large abstract shapes, a simple plot and more homogeneous colors.

Small details, lines, colorful plots of wall art objects are ideal for small cozy rooms.

For the dining area, it is better to choose a neutral abstract plot that will not distract you from eating and will not spoil your appetite.

(I consider it inappropriate to choose a picture of erotic and pornographic content for children's room.)* A candid image or nude is quite suitable for bedroom.

5. Dimensions. There is one good idea, a basic rule that I have developed and have been following for all my creative life. Formula for roughly calculating the size of a painting. Measure the entire width and height of the wall and divide each measurement into 3 equal parts. The central square will be the perfect place to put your painting.
The image in the painting is perceived at the eye level best of all. Vertical paintings visually raise the ceiling and make it higher. Horizontal paintings visually "expand" the size of the room.




If you want to buy a painting 1 meter height, remember that the distance to the viewer's eyes must be at least 2 meters, 2 times more than the height of the painting.

There are interior designer tips. But in art and design, no rules are more important than creativity. Choosing artwork for your home is pure fun!


6. Step forward. Life is so short and the most important thing is to have fun. Not tomorrow. Here and now. Therefore, do not postpone the purchase of paintings for the home until tomorrow, but start living beautifully today!



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