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Artist's thoughts on the price and value of contemporary paintings


About the price of abstract art and value of paintings


I'll tell you a little story.


..."He stomped out of the house and slammed the door behind him, while his wife cringed as the windows rattled in their frames. The neighbours thought he was overreacting; he has been screaming at his wife for a while now, and rightfully so."  Wait until you hear his full story.

Alexie was born into a family that loved art and paintings, especially abstract modern paintings. His mother spent quite a fortune buying worldwide print on demand or reproduction of abstract expressionism prints. It was fun for the whole family until her overspending almost ruined their lifestyle. And now, his wife just told him that she wants to buy Impressionist paintings, and he would have none of that.

You may also want to buy contemporary paintings, but they are too expensive in many online galleries that list them for sale; that's simply because you haven't seen the author's canvas print by Cairyna

At Cairyna Art Gallery, we offer both high quality and author's reproduction copies of abstract impressionism art to help adorn your bedroom, living room, kitchen corridor, and your whole living space.

Also, many abstract expressionism arts for sale are expensive, but we see the need for rational consumption principles in art lovers and admirers. Else, they might end up wasting money to buy modern abstract impressionism artworks.


How to save money on buying impressionism abstract painting


You certainly do not want to be like Alexie's mom and spend your family's fortune on expensive modern painting or contemporary abstract artwork. This is why we would be telling you two ways to cut costs and follow the rational consumption principle. They are as follows:


  • Buy quality reproduction or recreation art:

    It is an undeniable fact that as an art lover, you want the best quality impressionist art, something directly from the author. But art is a delicate craft, and these things are expensive. Sometimes, they are often too costly to afford.


As a result, you might need to consider opting for reproduction instead of the author’s copy. However, you should ensure to get only authentic and certified reproduced copies. Many art lovers can go as far as buying print on-demand abstract impressionism artwork because it gives a more fulfilled lifestyle. This does not mean that you are cheaper or that they are wasting their money. It is all a matter of being rational with your lifestyle.


  • Make a bit of compromise on style:

    You should know that whether you are buying modern art or contemporary art, they come in different varieties. For example, they can be framed or unframed. Your taste for an artistic lifestyle is not affected, no matter which one you buy.

However, many art lovers and enthusiasts prefer framed varieties because of the luxury and neatness it gives off. But in fact, buying an unframed expressionism or impressionism art will help cut some cost off sales. Some frames cost a lot of money for production and fitting.

This is why you can instead go for an unframed variation, which will even give you fluidity in terms of frame designs and placement. You can later get a custom-made frame that will fit better in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, corridor, or your home in general. Not only are you saying some money, but you are also giving yourself more affordable options and being rational.




Finally, the above tips will certainly help you when making buying decisions on sales of expressionism artworks. Unlike public beliefs, you do not have to be frivolous with your finances before living an artistic lifestyle. Cairyna Art gallery is fully committed to helping you make rational decisions without compromising your taste for quality modern abstract expressionism or impressionism paintings and prints.



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