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Modern abstract art


Hi all!

I'm Iryna Calinicenco (Cairyna) - an artist engaged in direct sales of my creative successes - contemporary paintings and prints. I will try to help you to buy a large painting on canvas or its quality modern reproduction of limited edition. And, if you have found my CATALOG of paintings at - then you are ready to hear me as an artist. Cairyna Art is a place where you can ask questions, get answers about contemporary art, or how I see it.

The purpose of my art is to disconnect you from reality. I would be grateful for feedback, whether I succeeded or not. But first things first.






About modern abstract art


Such thin edges, such different styles... There are so many different definitions and rules in art schools. But let's focus now on abstract modern wall art.
You and I live in an amazing time, friends. As an artist and poet, it is very interesting for me to observe the transformations in society, how the world is changing. How habits, generational interests, desires and life goals of our children are changing. The rapid development of technology forces us to change faster, to adapt, to be more flexible, to perceive the world and information more superficially. Quick to work, quick to love, quick to forget. Buy, sell online, forget again. So it is with contemporary abstract art paintings. Bad or good? Time will tell.


The processes of globalization, urbanization and migration of the world's population have led to a large-scale exchange of experiences, the mixing of cultures, the blurring of boundaries in modern contemporary abstract art. We have received an interesting mix of styles, genres and trends. Plus modern New Media and Mixed Media - technologies that have fundamentally changed the process of creating large abstract paintings on canvas. And the selection of modern abstract paintings in art galleries around the world is huge!

Under the pressure of media and advertising it's very difficult to choose anything, especially an abstract modern wall art for the interior of the house, apartment or office, which would not just fill with its presence the empty space on the wall, but would be in harmony with your inner self.


It so happened that I, as a creator of modern digital paintings on canvas, a creative person and an aesthetician, am surrounded by the world of non-figurative art. The world of shadows, secrets, illusions, hidden meanings and contradictions. They are in and around me. It is an integral part of the creative essence.
Of course, I have drawn, I am drawing and will continue to draw modern abstract paintings on canvas.  I will lead you by the hand into my world. I will help you understand, choose and buy exactly "your" painting. Modern abstraction is not boring!



How to accept and understand contemporary art

Take a closer look - contemporary abstract style paintings are filled with unconventional artistic messages. Some abstracts convey emotion, charge and energy to the viewer. Other abstract modern art paintings, on the contrary, help to relax, reset the program, tune in to relax.
The possibilities of modern abstract art are endless! And I, as a selling European artist, will prove it to you on the example of my works. Go to the section of the online-catalogue you need! Here you can buy modern abstract paintings and prints (reproductions with the author's signature and a certificate of authenticity) in the size you want and at a reasonable price directly from the artist (without intermediaries). You will be pleasantly surprised by the possibility of postal international delivery of paintings in contemporary style by CairynaArt.


Together we will try to understand that the absolute beauty can't exist. As well as the absolute ugliness. Their duet and confrontation is contemporary harmony. This is my philosophy and my position in life and at my work in gallery CairynaArt.


How do we evaluate the beauty of contemporary painting, how do we know if it is clean or dirty in front of us? I'm sure it's only by feeling. When we close our eyes, what do we see? How do we look at a painting and see it for real before we buy it? Choose contemporary painting for the interior, which would fill and complement it, without displacing the main character from the interior - the person.

I like to squint, immersed in myself. It's a wonderful state akin to levitation. The light, framing, proximity to other paintings, and the decorative surroundings strongly influence the perception of meaning. And also - the inner state of the beholder, his age (or rather degree of maturity), intellectual level, his mood, and even the music playing in his head at the moment! Ask yourself before you buy - how do you feel when you see this particular contemporary painting?





Life is rapidly moving toward the end. So what is the most precious thing in it? Maybe feelings and emotions?
My abstract art paintings on canvas give those emotions. And I give you an understanding of contemporary abstract impressionism from CairynaArt. With delivery!


Now to recap. The world around us is changing rapidly. In a few years, perhaps all art will be digital, interactive and abstract, and we will be able to buy contemporary art paintings exclusively online. And we, ordinary viewers and connoisseurs of art, are ready for this change? Let's break away from reality and follow me!

contemporary artist Cairyna,
CairynaArt - online modern art Gallery. Kishinev



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