Shop-gallery of modern wall art. Sale of paintings and author's canvas prints by artist Cairyna (Iryna Calinicenco). More than 1000 abstract artworks. I am glad to welcome you!
10:00 - 16:00 (GMT+3)
Monday - Friday
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Iryna's paintings are essentially semi-figurative, stylized to a greater or lesser extent, and gravitate toward abstract aesthetics and naive imagery.   
Line and color are presented as something predominant over form. A kind of play with imagination and flirting with the viewer's fantasy. Working at the intersection of abstraction and figuration, using unusual materials, Iryna does not strive for external harmony and beauty of the image, she plays with perspectives and canons. In this way she reformats the viewer's aesthetic and emotional space from "I like it - I don't like it" to "I accept it - I don't accept it". In her works, Iryna emphasizes the duality of perception, encouraging the viewer to think and search for a different meaning. 

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