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In this section, I have collected photos of my paintings in different interiors. Now you can imagine how abstract wall paintings for living room or kitchen would look in your home! A room with paintings will please all your guests. And my ideas for the decoration and placement of the paintings are sure to please you.

Pay your attention to the size of the picture. All measurements on this site are in centimeters. To calculate in inches, you can use an online calculator like this -


Placement of paintings

Placement of paintings is a matter of seemingly uncomplicated. But the options, ways and methods of placement and design on the wall - a great many. Consider the proposed ideas of new trends in interior painting. Highlight the color and style variations that are similar to yours. Note the combinations that you like the most. Add a dash of creativity to your personal preferences, and you'll do well in interior design for new homes!

If you're planning a design renovation, talk to your designer about interesting interior ideas you'd like to implement in your apartment, room, office or even whole house. I have collected different options art for lounge, large painting for bedroom, family room paintings.

Click on a picture of large artwork that you like and see a detailed description of my most stylish interior paintings. I have worked very hard to get you to like my paintings for interior decoration!


What can you decorate your walls with besides wallpaper?

Have you ever thought about how to decorate your room, make it cozier with decor?
Even in the design of an ordinary apartment can be accented by placing pictures, and even collections! Modern house paintings will put accents in all the right places, hide flaws in the walls and emphasize the advantages of the layout.

You can get acquainted with the rules for arranging paintings in the interior in THE BLOG
If you still can't imagine how exactly the abstract art by Cairyna will look on your wall - use the programs for placing paintings in the interior online. It's quick and free.
Or contact me. I'll be happy to help you! It's also free!

Clear examples will help you to highlight the basic methods of turning your room into an expensive, stylish design format. Paintings for modern homes, apartments and offices can be matched by color, size, style or mood. And change, depending on your desire.

All photos are clickable. Feel free to click on the picture.




































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