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Hello everyone!


My name is Calinicenco Iryna (Cairyna)


I’m a freelance artist, NFT-artist, living in Moldova (was born in Ukraine), selling my original abstract artworks, NFT-arts, prints and digital versions of my paintings.

I ship orders all over the world.

Over the years, I have accumulated more than 2000 works, many of them I want to present to you on this site.
I also enjoy writing poems about love and sexblush

Cairyna is not my real name, but it seemed to me that this nickname suited me perfectly years ago, so I took it. It consists of two parts: first letters of my last and first names. Sounds almost like "Cairina".

I just have terrible English, so I apologize in advance if I make a mistake in the description or in the chat.

And yes, just 15 years ago I was making a living selling clothes and working as a nurse in a hospital. Then for many years I was helping interior designers and decorators. Just as an evidence, what one can do with a small idea and a big dream. Find out more about my story!





Thanks for reading to the end, I'm very impressed!
I am a really good artist and a person who will take care of your choice of interior painting.
I have reasonable prices and they are constantly increasingyes
There are collections of my original works in Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, USA and many other places.
And if you're not shopping, why not have some fun and read my art blog? There you can find many inspirational art articles, interior designer tips.
I am very glad to see you visiting. I'm going to make coffee!



    With respect and gratitude,





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