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I work very hard on my paintings. Literally every day. You can't achieve something great by sitting on your ass all day waiting for something to happen. That's why I'm here. I've finally found something that I'm good at, and because of that, my contribution to artistic culture is skyrocketing.

My energy and determination are relentless, I will never settle for second best. When you purchase my art, you get a perfectly harmonious painting for your interior, in the size you want!

My works are represented in famous galleries. But most importantly, my paintings live in your homes and apartments, are part of your life and the lives of your family members, part of your joy.






My methods


To create a picture I use mainly digital techniques New Media, Mixed Media. I take my own staged photographs or their fragments to make the next bright idea come true. Or I create a pre-production (I draw another picture or make a collage in a certain style). Then I photograph or scan those blanks, print them on paper, fold the paper, tear it up, scan it again... Once the actual composition is determined (usually after a few weeks), I decide what colors to use. Then I enlarge or reduce the digital image. Many times. Finally, I process my work with software: adding the lines I want or removing the ones I don't want.

Often the end result turns into a completely different image! I can say that this is magic, pure magic. But it's also the result of hard work, learning, trial and error. Yep, it's a cruel worldwink





My creative style


I don't stop at one style or genre, but am always searching for something new, experimenting, mixing, combining and inventing.

I draw quite freely, pondering for hours, adding and removing lines, observing shapes, combinations and colors, trying to create new and unique paintings.
So my styles (if you can call it that) are constantly changing.
Circles, lines, overlays, the play of light and shadow create emotions, feelings and memories. They awaken the dormant humanity in a person.



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