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Hello everyone!
In this section, I'll tell you what I do as an artist, why I do it, and what makes me wake up in the morning.


What am I doing?


I create original abstract paintings in the genres of New Media, Mixed Media, Digital manipulation based on my personal photographs, blanks, sketches and sketches. I was completely consumed by this magical world of optical illusions, lines, random and planned digital transformations.





I bring you a lovingly crafted abstract world, exquisitely detailed and filled with honesty, rarely found in the original art market today. You get exactly what you see. Every paint smear, every photograph and every digital object was taken by me personally. I don't have a big team of helpers. I work and sell my art personally, directly, without intermediaries.





The 2020 crisis had a big impact on my physical sales, and I had to master a new direction - creating my own website. This is my only passion to date. Except, perhaps, delicious coffee;)





Recently, I have been fascinated by the creation of completely digital works. I print them in the largest printing house in my city, on cotton canvas, with white borders on the sides, so that you can easily arrange such a picture in the nearest framing workshop. I personally control the printing process, so I guarantee the quality.





Hue or detail may vary slightly in reality, depending on the color setting of your monitor. But this is a common situation for any online purchase.





To create my paintings, I often use Italian canvases from well-known manufacturers - "Unico", "Pintura" and others. They are quite dense and incredibly pleasant to the touch. They are covered with a layer of professional primer, so the color and brightness of the paint are preserved for many years. I do not varnish the printed canvases, as the varnish layer takes time to dry. And canvases that are not varnished are better tolerated for transportation.


Why am I doing this?

As long as my eyes see, my hands obey, and my brain responds - I will draw. It is like water, like food, like air. This is necessary. As soon as I accepted myself as I am, I found inner harmony. It is useless for me to do a manicure, since my hands are constantly in acrylic paint of different colors of the rainbow. Waking up in the morning after a night of painting, I feel great! So, in home clothes, without makeup and among dozens of paintings that dry right in my apartment, and they are everywhere)). My family is already used to it, and they also accepted my essence. For this I am infinitely grateful to them.
I will continue to work and create beauty as long as I breathe. This is my essence. My curse. And my unlimited pleasure!





    With respect and gratitude,




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