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Buying an Amazing Painting for Your House


Suppose you would like to refresh your house and make it cozy. And you have decided to decorate a wall with paintings. You can go to an art gallery or the nearest furniture supermarket. Exhibitions in galleries can be intimidating with their prices and pathos. I remember my trip to an art gallery for the first. It was not simple. And if large art exhibitions are not your option, then you go to the shopping center, but quickly get tired of this range of similar paintings with sunsets and kittens. You want something authentic, something that will suit you, not an average buyer.

If you need an artwork that will be a joy to see, perhaps, our guide will help you.


1. Don't rush into choosing a painting


Remember that you don’t have to buy a new masterpiece immediately. You have enough time to find eye-catching artistic works.

First, you should write down your ideas. What paintings do you prefer? Oil, pencil, watercolor, or maybe pastel? Realism or abstraction art? What do you want to feel while looking at your picture: joy or calmness? Finally, what will fit in your house, what furniture and wallpaper do you already have?

Once you understand what type of painting you are looking for, visit local arts festivals, find public pages of the galleries you love, and follow them. Some exhibited pictures may become the beginning of your art collection.

Being surrounded by art boosts your creativity, enriches your life, and helps you be in a good mood. A good artwork does not only add an aesthetic vibe but brings out your personality and taste.



2. Opt for something unique

We recommend buying an original art piece. You will know that the artist put a lot of effort and time into it. Although it is more expensive, it will make a statement. Besides, reproductions don’t sometimes have such vivid colors and last so long.

Always buy paintings from art galleries you can trust or from the artist. Otherwise, you can end up with a fake. Today you can write to the painter you like or ask for advice on social media. Most experts will be glad to share their knowledge.



3. Pay attention to the size


Tiny artwork may get lost surrounded by furniture or bookshelves. We bet you want your painting to attract attention! That’s why you’d better choose a bigger artwork. Of course, everything depends on the room. You can hang a smaller art piece in the hallway. Measure your walls’ width and length and assess the size of your future artistic masterpiece. 

For example, consider choosing a painting for the living room.
Buying a set of small painting would also be a brilliant idea. You can arrange them as you wish and create an enchanting gallery wall, as on art expos. It would transform your living room!



4. Decide where to hang your painting


It is not as easy as you may think! Find the wall that will suit you. Maybe, you will have to rearrange some furniture. Then choose the height. The painting center should be at eye level.

The lighting is also crucial. There should be no direct sun rays, or your painting will fade out. If there are a lot of windows in the room, cover it with UV acrylic plexiglass.




5. Take care of the painting


Pay attention to the humidity in the room. If you want to clean your artistic masterpiece, use only a feather duster. Water and cleaning products may damage it.

In case your painting is damaged, contact the gallery, the artist, or a restoration expert. While transporting, cover it with cardboard and bubble wrap.





We all want to live in a place that inspires us, mirrors our personality, and creates an atmosphere. You can always ask for advice or go to the galleries or artists, as they will be excited to tell you everything they know the choice of painting.



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