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The decoration of the living room, kitchen, corridor, dining room or children's room deserves special attention! All decorative objects in combination with architecture must be in harmony to create an individual environment that reflects the tastes of the inhabitants. Do not shout "We are in charge here!", But serve as a background for expressing your individuality. After all, the main person is the person living in this interior. His tastes, feelings and needs.
Therefore, do not postpone the search for a suitable painting until the last moment of creating your design. Think over and write down your preferences, wishes, even at the stage of repair. This will make it easier to create not just a living space, but also a feeling of home. The place where you feel comfortable. Next, you will know how to combine paintings on a wall and what is a series in art.



To add flavor to your interior, try arranging small paintings in series. Combine them into a collection following our recommendations.

Imagine that you are an interior photographer

What would you like to see in the focus of your lens? How to place pictures on the wall so that they form a single harmonious geometry and combine series of painting? If it is still difficult for you to imagine this in fantasies, use posters, newspapers of different sizes. Attach them to the wall, for example, with scotch tape, step back a few meters, take a picture with the camera in your phone. Evaluate the result. Swap posters, change their orientation (vertically, horizontally). Continue until then. Until the result surprises you.



There are some general guidelines for combining paintings into a series:


  • Combine paintings with matching colors and shades;
  • Choose different sizes to give the wall a speaker;
  • Combine painting with frames of the same color or thickness;
  • Finally, try combining paintings with a similar theme or style: geometric, landscape, floral, musical, natural, and so on.


An example of the design of a wall composition.



In the above cases, you can work with the composition vertically or horizontally, depending on the size of your wall. Regardless, there are other song patterns that you can perform. With a little creativity and patience, the result will be amazing, and you can assemble your own series of artworks!


Show off your design talent 



When creating an interior composition, it is necessary to pay attention to factors such as height, distance, proportions and lighting, color, genre, and relevance. Lots of technical issues. Finding harmony between works and pieces of furniture is also important. But whatever my recommendations are - look for your own style. It's up to you to decide what your living space will be. Do not be afraid of change, experiment. Constantly develop your taste, read a lot and create your life the way you deserve it!



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