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Every online purchase requires a certain amount of courage. You may have a feeling of doubt. Will the painting suit me, how will it look in my home, which painting to buy - a cheap or an expensive one? Is it worth overpaying for the original in an economic crisis?
I answer that doubts are normal. And I will try to answer your questions.


First  - buying a picture online, you should understand that the hue or fine details may vary slightly from the image on your computer screen or phone. This depends on the color rendering settings on your monitor.

Second  - your package will be insured for the full value. And if it gets lost on the road - you will get a refund of all your expenses. You do not risk anything. 

Thirdly - if you don't like the picture, you can send it back to me within 14 days, paying only the postage. I will be happy to replace the painting with another, or refund your money. Please keep the original packaging and send the painting back to me in that original packaging. 

Fourthly - if the painting came to you damaged, I will have no problem refunding your entire purchase price, including shipping costs. In the future, I will send you the same painting or any other painting of your choice to replace the damaged one in the same price range. 





Business or Creativity?

Artists around the world are trying to sell their paintings to make ends meet. The world economy is changing market needs in ways we can't even predict. However, I don't have that problem. I understand market trends, assess my target audience, and create art that people want and can own (interior art). Is that a good thing or a bad thing? That's a great question that requires deep thought. But I try to offer my art at the nicest price and look for a balance between creativity and sales.
My client is an open-minded, modern person who appreciates harmony in the home and appreciates his time. I invite you, as a new client, to choose the most beautiful painting for the interior here on my CairynaArt website.



Original or copy?

Almost all of my paintings are sold as prints. They are very high-quality copies, printed in a limited edition. The limited edition prints of each work are less expensive than the originals. Each reproduction is hand-signed by me personally. And of course, the quality of the prints remains top-notch!


Some of my paintings are sold as one of a kind. They are expensive.
Some paintings are sold in somewhat larger quantities, of 5 copies, for example. Each reproduction costs less than the original, but is also signed by the artist on the back of the canvas. And finally the cheapest reproductions (but exactly the same quality as the originals) are 100 copies. 
I attach a certificate of authenticity (certificate of authorship) to each work, also signed and numbered.
Each reproduction is sent to the largest printing house in my city for printing ONLY after confirmation of your payment. I keep a strict registry of all copies and carefully control the quality of the prints.


Marking 1/100 for example means that you bought the first copy in the series. And marking it 100/100 means that you get the last copy of the edition. That's it, no more of these copies will be published. Never again. I personally guarantee it!


Sitting at your computer or with your iPhone at home, in your usual surroundings, please calmly and casually flip through the pages of the site. I have collected here the best works in different genres and styles, at the best prices, because I work without intermediaries and gallery representatives.

You can choose an original painting signed by the artist or a copy printed on professional photo paper or canvas of your desired size. It all depends on your desire and your budget. In times of crisis it is not a shame to save money, it is a shame not to move forward - remember!






The Problem of Choice

If you are having trouble choosing a painting - I will help you!
Send me some pictures of your empty wall, I will give you a personal recommendation on the choice, size and placement of the picture in your interior. With the help of a simple photo editor, I will present you a variant of how the picture could look like in your home. It's like a virtual fitting. It will help you navigate, understand your desires and abilities, as well as roughly imagine how your home or apartment will change when you frame your new painting by Cairyna Art. I usually try to give you an answer within a few hours. This will allow you to make up your mind and enjoy your purchase. 

Remember - doubt, it's okay! 
Everyone doubts, artists included. But we can help and be helpful to each other!



Сalinicenсo Iryna,
CairynaArt Studio,
Kishinev, Moldova.


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