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Modern minimalist artwork


What will be your reaction if you walk into an office or living space and the lights are perfect? The decor is impressive; it even has beautiful pieces of furniture and gives off a pleasant scent, but the walls are bare? I would be perplexed because any modern interior ensures that the walls are never basic. Your space is simply never complete with art hanging on the walls.


Perhaps due to one reason or another, you are not a fan of a highly decorative and noisy lifestyle, and you just can not deal with having such art hanging in your office, home, or interior; it's absolutely fine. This is why you should buy minimalist abstract painting. As opposed to popular belief, minimalists actually want beautiful and expressive art, but they would rather have them simple and kept minimal.


Although you might be a minimalist, you do not need to necessarily leave your space in black and white, thereby making it drab or boring. You can simply check Cairyna Art and get some minimalist abstract paintings and minimalist prints on canvas. There are many variations of minimalist digital artworks for sale, and you can choose to buy the modern minimalist abstract painting or contemporary simplistic art.



What are modern minimalist paintings and contemporary minimalism?


Firstly, before buying any minimalist canvas painting, it is essential to know the entire concept of this movement. Easy minimalist painting started many years ago when was first made of simplistic drawings and first minimalist canvas painting. One of its utmost goals was to represent a quality lifestyle with utmost simplicity.


This art is unique from every other form of painting; with minimalism, what you see is what you get. Although beautiful and profoundly unique, the whole meaning and concept are shown with its simple use of colors, forms, strokes, and lines.


Contemporary minimalist art


This is an older form of simple minimalist art that focuses more on keeping the concepts of form and style together. Perhaps, many artists would look down on their modern-day offspring.

Also, they have more traditional rules, but they are also more suitable for adorning your office and homes because of the slightly archaic yet luxurious vibe it exudes. Take your traditional paintings, strip them of some rules, make them a bit loose, and contemporary simplistic drawing will be the result.


Modern minimalist art


Modern simplistic aesthetic started with contemporary art, with which artists paint abstract natural and landscape scenery on canvas. The first images are now often shown in black and white. Notwithstanding, this does not deprive the minimalist style of its beauty, but only reinforces the modern minimalist abstract art.

However, the abstract minimalist painting by Cairyna (CairynaArt Gallery) will blow your mind! The delicate strokes and mixture of simple colors will give a sense of topnotch class to your bedroom or living space. Even if you are just looking for a way to make your office look less boring, a mixture of color and black and white modern minimalist art prints will make your office feel more organized and formal without much ado. 


But this is just one of the ways to divide and organize art. Over the years, centuries, millennia of accumulated artistic experience, humanity has not yet developed clear gradations for abstract concepts. Maybe this is good. This gives you the opportunity to ask your questions, find your answers. Culturologists and art historians of all countries are doing a tremendous job, trying to explain to us the differences in different styles of artworks. But in the end, the choice is always yours. If you watch, and you like it - buy it! Life is so fleeting ...



In terms of date, the modern minimalist art rise was around the 19th to 20th century. Artists somehow managed to embed deep and philosophical concepts into simple art forms. Meanwhile, they are not so popular among many people who regard them as lazy and idle but, after all, anybody could grab a brush, paint a square, and call it minimalist aesthetic art.


Furthermore, simplistic paintings, prints and minimalist art drawing are often abstract art as, so they lack even more form and many artistic elements that are considered vital. In its most direct expression, minimalist simple abstract art is all about stripping art to its pure form.

Lastly, unlike some types of art, simplistic modern art is not just created for the artist's expression or psychological concepts. It also serves to add some simple and quality lifestyle to your room, office, or living space.



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