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Future interior trends 2022-2023

TRENDS 2022-2023


I propose to discuss together future interior trends 2022-2023
The perception of the general space of a room is influenced not only by the interior details, but also by their harmonious combination. Color and light set the level of visual comfort. And the desire to be in the trend of interior design is an urgent need!

Artist Cairyna and the team of leading designers "3-D Project" and have put together some common interior design trends for you. Save the post and take note❕





In the new year, the trend of getting rid of everything superfluous continues to actively develop. And minimalism gets new futuristic forms. Pay attention to unusual shapes in objects and details, natural materials and shades.

◾STYLE of the 1970s


In projects 2022-2023, you can notice furniture that we might have seen in the 70s. So feel free to integrate vintage furniture into the interior - it will look especially stylish


Continuing last year's trend towards sustainability, natural and organic materials will increasingly appear in design projects in 2022-2023. This can be stone, metal, wood or concrete.



At the interior shows, you could notice a lot of green: plumbing, finishes, furniture. The color is not bright, but muted, grassy. Continuing the trend for a natural color scheme. But don't rush to repaint everything in green, you can add green textiles and more plants.


Not everyone likes the natural range, the world's designers in the new season suggest us to add more color. It can be a single acid blue wall or a bright red table. The main thing is to know how to work with the composition and not to overdo it, and it is better to contact a specialist.

And we are pleased to continue to share with you, our dear readers, the latest news and rising trends in interior design 2022-2023!  



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